Canadian 2023 Semi-Finalist: Anya Viinikka

Trained by Gina Sinclair Davis and Katherine Panter-Roland at the Allegro Performing Arts Centre.


1. When did your passion for ballet begin?

I always liked ballet, but when I was about 10 I realized how much fun it actually was. Since then I really started focusing on my ballet training. As it got harder it also became more rewarding and exciting.

2. Who has been most influential in your dancing career?

The professionals in my community that I have had the opportunity to dance with and the constant inspiration that I get from them. My teachers for their encouragement and support, my classmates who have made every class fun and always have my back, and my mom.

3. Which aspect of The Fonteyn are you looking forward to the most?

Learning the new choreography and working with new people from around the world.

4. What is your favourite scary movie?

I don’t like scary movies!