Canadian 2023 Semi-Finalist: Connie Liu

Trained by Kim Wong and Chico Hui at The School of Toronto City Ballet.


1. When did your passion for ballet begin?

My passion for ballet began at a very young age, as someone who grew up doing many activities like cello, piano, art, and swimming, dance was the only one that really stuck. In my opinion, ballet is such a physically and mentally demanding sport, but I think my adoration for it came from how rewarding it was at the same time. Being able to do an extra turn, jump higher, and balance for longer, are all example of small yet rewarding moment within my dance journey that kept my passion for ballet ignited.

2. Who has been most influential in your dancing career?

My ballet teachers and my parents have been the most influential figures throughout my dance career. Both my teacher Kim Wong and Chico Hui, always exhibited an immense amount of passion and love for ballet whenever they were teaching. Their energy and spirit kept me excited and eager, and a result it didn’t feel tiring when I was dancing, but instead it felt valuable, and worthwhile. In contrast, my parents didn’t know much about ballet, but they have always assisted and encourage me regardless. Their never-ending support, influenced me to always work harder.

3. Which aspect of The Fonteyn are you looking forward to the most?

Meeting new people is definitely one of the aspect of Fonteyn that I’m looking forward to. As a dancer, its always fascinating and amazing to see how people with the same passion are so different, yet similar to me. Learning their dance backgrounds and their journey to how they became the dancer they are today, has continually been an interesting process. In my opinion I feel like whenever dancers meet one another we always have more connection in comparison to when regular people meet.

4. What is your favourite scary movie?

Hereditary, has to be one of my favourite scary movies of all time. When it comes to genres like thriller and horror, I always seek out movies that have combination of psychological scare and gore. Since, as an avid scary movie watcher, it’s only ever actually interesting and hooking when psychological and gore aspect come into play. However aside from hereditary, honorable mentions include, Call, Smile, and Talk to Me.