25 August 2021 01:56

Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2021

David Jays, editor of Dance Gazette, the magazine of the Royal Academy of Dance, and host of the RAD podcast, Why Dance Matters, will be a judge at this year’s Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF).

Located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world for both fashion and film, Toronto, Canada, CANIFFF curates a unique experience for fashion and film lovers. CANIFFF is increasing access to fashion in new ways and providing a platform for brands and businesses who want to engage directly with those working in fashion and film disciplines.

This year, CANIFFF supports the fashion and film industry through the theme of 'Community'.

David Jays says, 'No one has ever called me fashionable, so it is especially exciting to be invited to join the judges for CANIFFF this year. It is especially pleasing as the festival includes an award for best dance film - it is great to see dance being recognised as a driver of creativity in this context. I can't wait to see all the shortlisted films, and particularly those where dance plays a significant role.'

Check out last year’s nominees for the Best Dance Film category:

Look out for the Award Show in late October 2021 and learn more at https://www.canifff.com/