5 February 2023 1:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Dance Warm Up and Cool Down


This interactive webinar is part of a series on healthy dance practice. It will provide participants with a working knowledge of all elements of physiologically effective warm up and cool down for different dance genres, and how to communicate the importance of warm up and cool down to dancers.

This webinar includes a movement component.


  • explore fundamental aspects of physiological preparation through warm up and physiological recovery through cool down;
  • provide a practical experience of a physiologically effective warm up and cool down;
  • discuss the practical elements of how to implement a physiologically effective warm up and cool down for different dance genres.


  • have an increased understanding of the importance of a warm up and cool down and be able to explain this to dancers;
  • have gained knowledge of the essential components of a warm up and cool down;
  • be able to deliver an effective warm up and cool down that follows recommended physiological principles;
  • be equipped with knowledge of the eighth core principle of Safe in Dance International’s Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC).

This activity is worth 2 hours of Time-Valued CPD.

Tutor: Andrea Downie

ANDREA DOWNIE, MA, is the Founding Director of EnhanceDance, an initiative established in 2017 to share evidence-based principles and best practice in dance teaching, training and performance. She is a founding member, Immediate Past President and Co-Chair of the Resources Committee for Healthy Dancer Canada (HDC), a non-profit organization founded in 2008 and dedicated to improving the health, well-being and performance of all dancers.

A dance educator, choreographer and kinesiology instructor with 25 years of experience, Andrea is currently pursuing a PhD in Kinesiology at University of Calgary, focusing on dance science, somatics and transformative experiences in dance. She received her MA in Dance Studies and her HonBFA in Dance Performance from York University. Her master’s research focused on motor learning, and from it, she developed the Multisensory Pedagogical Model for Dance Skill Instruction to enhance dance skill learning. Andrea completed her professional training at Dance New Amsterdam (formerly Dance Space Centre) in New York City, and performed with Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects while there.

Andrea is a certified Level 1 & Level 2 Conditioning-with-Imagery Training teacher, the C-I TrainingTM Course Director, as well as the provider of the Level 1 C-I TrainingTM Teacher Course & Certification. She is one of only a few certified teachers of Simonson Technique in Canada. She is also a Registered Provider with Safe in Dance International for the Healthy Dance Certificates, and a third-party CPD course provider for Royal Academy of Dance Canada.

Andrea has experience working with professional, pre-professional and recreational dancers of all ages, levels and abilities. She works actively across Canada as a teacher-tutor, guest dance instructor, choreographer, and speaker, enthusiastically sharing her passion for dance. Her dance classes are intelligently-structured, founded on evidence-based principles and best practices, and integrate dance history. Her choreography delves into various aspects of the individual and collective experience to explore what it is that makes us human.

Andrea resides in Toronto and Calgary. She is an adjunct professor in the Dance Program at University of Calgary, and teaches at The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT) in Toronto. Her classes encourage somatic awareness, movement efficiency and effectiveness, and individual artistic expression within a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.

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