8 March 2021 02:28

International Women’s Day

Here at the RAD, we’re marking International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements and pioneering advancements made by women around the world in areas such as culture and politics as well as many other arenas.

The theme for this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’, so we’ll be focusing on how women, or those identifying as female, in dance have challenged stereotypes such as age, race, religion, body type, and gender roles.

This is also our centenary year, and March sees Women’s History Month. As such, we have chosen to take a look at just some of the women who have played an important part in the history of the RAD, recognising their role in its creation and continued success. 

Over the next month, we’ll be featuring a series of articles on just some of the women who have contributed to both the RAD and to the wider world of dance.

A great many people have played a part in the history of the RAD, but it’s the names of some of the most inspirational women from our past that still resonate. The names of Genée, Karsavina, Bedell’s and Cormani ring out from our very foundation, and others such as de Valois, Fonteyn, Sibley and Bussell shaped the organisation as it grew into the world leader that it is today.     

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