Register of Teachers – FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the new Register of Teachers.

Q. Why is a teacher not appearing on the Register of Teachers?
A. There are several reasons: they may still be in training, they may have requested their details to be removed, resigned their RAD membership, or we may have removed them from the register. Special characters and additional names may also affect the search, as you begin typing in a name the search will show you options to choose from.

Teachers with a standard listing can only be located by searching with the ‘Country’ and ‘Teacher or School’ fields. For Teachers with an enhanced listing, you will also be able to filter by ‘Location’.

Sample Searches:

  • Standard listing – Location [blank] Country [United Kingdom] Search by teacher or school [Penny Cotton]
  • Enhanced listing – Location [London] Country [United Kingdom] Search by teacher or school [Felicity Beach]

If you can’t find who you are looking for, please contact us.

Q. Is there another way I can find out if a teacher is registered?
A. Yes, the Membership department can be contacted and they can verify over email or telephone 416-489-2318 / toll-free 1-888-709-0895, if a teacher is registered.

Q. How are RAD teachers listed on the Register of Teachers?
A. There are two types of listings; standard containing first name, second name and country and enhanced providing dance school information. Teachers can chose the option that best suits them as part of their membership.

Q. What does it mean to be on the RAD Register of Teachers?
A. Only dance teachers who meet our professional standards and training requirements are RAD-registered.

They have:

To maintain registration, they must:

  • comply with the Code of Professional Practice for Teachers
  • engage in professional development,
  • adhere to our mandatory safeguarding requirements which include holding a criminal record check, declaring any criminal convictions and completing annual safeguarding training, to keep children and vulnerable adults safe, and
  • pay the relevant annual professional membership fee.

*The eligibility criteria is subject to change from time to time.

Q. How is the Register of Teachers maintained?
A. The Register of Teachers is linked to our internal database and is automatically refreshed every 6 hours at 06:01, 12:01, 18:01 and 24:00 UK time. Only teachers that meet our professional standards and training requirements are listed. If a teacher does not meet these requirements, they are removed from the register – this includes the failure to pay the relevant professional membership fee.

Q. How does the Register of Teachers meet with Data Protection?
A. We have always retained a register and confirmed if teachers are listed when a request is made. We are now moving the register online to allow you to search the register as required. We are committed to protecting and respecting our members’ privacy, in accordance with the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 (“Data protection legislation”) and any replacement legislation which may come into effect (see our Global Membership Services Privacy Policy). We are permitted to hold a register of teachers as per our Bye-Laws and will publish the name and country of residence of all our teachers on our website.

We will however only make dance school addresses and contact details publicly available for members with an enhanced listing.
If a teaching member does not want their details and/or their RAD Registered Teacher status to be made publicly available, they have the right to object.

Q. Why do Silver Swans Licensees not appear on the Register of Teachers?
A. Currently Silver Swans Licensees are managed on a separate map and we do plan on including them on the Register of Teachers in the future.

Q. Can teachers have listings on the register of teachers across multiple locations?
A. Yes, they can. The enhanced listing allows them to add three different addresses and sets of contact information, ideal if they work across multiple dance schools/venues as a freelancer. They will need to ensure they have the Dance School Principal’s permission before adding the school contact details.

Q. Why can’t I see the types of classes a teacher offers on the register of teachers, e.g. ‘Adult only’?
A. This is not currently possible; however, you can see whether they offer online classes as part of the enhanced listing. You can visit the teacher’s website or contact the teacher directly for more information. We do plan to investigate the option to add additional information to the enhanced listings, such as the types of classes offered.

Q. If a member holds an RAD Teacher (Inactive) membership, why are they not appearing on the Register of Teachers?
A. The register only shows teachers who are currently teaching. As our RAD Teacher (Inactive) category is for those who are currently taking a temporary or permanent break from dance teaching, their name will not be included.


Please contact us if your question has not been answered above.