CPD Ambassadors

Find a CPD Ambassador in Canada.

28 teachers from 19 countries have volunteered to act as Ambassadors for the RAD’s CPD scheme, bringing with them insight into exactly what it takes to commit to CPD, alongside so many other commitments.

Although RAD staff around the world are happy to take your calls and answer any questions that you might have, we understand that sometimes it’s good to talk to someone that understands first hand, the pressures of being a dance teacher. We have worked in close consultation with the ambassadors to understand the kind of support and guidance needed in an initiative that has been devised by teachers, for teachers.

Meet your Canadian CPD Ambassadors

Catherine Kourkounakis

A lifelong learner myself, I am passionate about supporting and improving continuing education for dance teachers to further professional and artist integrity crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. Based in Toronto, Canada, I have been teaching the RAD’s graded and vocational levels for over 30 years and respect the RAD’s forwarding thinking philosophies of dance education.

Sue Caple-Dodunski (Ottowa)

I am so committed to the RAD and their mandate. My mother was an RAD examiner for many years, and I believe deeply in the CPD program. I have taught RAD work for 35 years very successfully at 10 schools all over Canada, and I am excited to encourage other teachers to improve and excel at teaching this syllabi. I own my own school and am so excited to be a part of all teachers improving everywhere in the world.

Tania Brossoit (Vancouver)

I am a 30-year veteran of dance instruction from Vancouver, Canada. I am a passionate advocate for continuous professional development that enhances the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the highest quality instruction and create an environment in which every student reaches their full potential.