Fiona Campbell Examinations Bursary

The Fiona Campbell Examinations Bursary is made possible as the result of a generous legacy left by the former RAD teacher, examiner, trustee and lifelong friend to the Academy.

Teachers can apply for the bursary on behalf of deserving candidates, to the value of their next examination.

Teachers have 150 words to explain why their candidates deserve the bursary. There are no published selection criteria – candidates will be chosen based on judges’ subjective response to the applications, up to the total value of the fund in each application round. Apart from the Solo Seal, all examinations are eligible, although judges will take the level of the exam fee into account alongside the strength of the case made on behalf of the candidate.

Bursaries are available worldwide to exam candidates of RAD teachers. Successful candidates have 12 months from the date of being informed of their award to use the bursary.

The next round of this bursary will be in spring 2019. This will be advertised via e-news and social media.