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Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication, produced as part of our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

It is published three times a year (February, June and October) and is distributed to 13,000 members and friends internationally.

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Latest Issue

The second of this year’s special guest editors for Dance Gazette is visionary fashion designer Gareth Pugh. Growing up in Sunderland, he took RAD classes and exams before pursuing a design career that returned him to the ballet stage.

Gareth’s journey through the dance world opens up new possibilities: of imagination, identity and political change. He has also created two films to accompany his special issue. It examines how dance made him the artist he is today, how boys access creativity, how ballet can propel fashion forward, and what happens when élite ballet meets the fierce art of voguing – in the Royal Opera House.




Whole other world (read the full article)

From youthful RAD to opera houses in London and Paris, dance has been a thread running through Gareth Pugh’s life and career.

Dress code

Why are fashion designers drawn to ballet? Does the stage let them experiment, innovate – and let rip?

And the category is (read the full article)
Voguing and classical ballet – could they be more different? One edgy, the other elite? Worlds collide at the Royal Opera House.

Boy trouble
Ballet helps boys explore creativity and emotion. But how does that play in Australia’s macho culture?

Open arms
We look more closely at the RAD’s elegant coat of arms, and its unexpectedly modern motto.

Facing the future
What is the artistic ethos connecting all of the RAD’s work? Academy experts look back – and into the future.