Certificates, Results Forms, and Medals

Details on certificates, results forms, and medals for RAD exams.


Certificates are fraud-proof and have a number of security features:

  • Secure parchment paper
  • Micro-numismatics (e.g. RAD Crest)
  • Advanced holograms (e.g. RAD Crest or Logo)
  • Specialist reactive inks
  • Advanced security numbering
  • Website document validation
  • Controlled secure papers & toners

An example of a RAD Certificate

Medals and Bars

Successful candidates will also receive:

  • Class awards – medal
  • Grades 1–8 exam – medal
  • Solo performance awards – bar

Gold, silver or bronze medals are awarded depending on the result of distinction, merit or pass.

Please see policy and procedures for issuing results and certificates for more information.

Replacement Certificates, Results Forms, and Medals

If you lose your certificate, medal or result form awarded, we may be able to provide a replacement.

Certificates and Results Forms

For exams taken before 2003, we cannot replace the certificate, but can provide an extract from the Register of Examinations. For exams taken after September 2003, we can provide a replacement result form and certificate.

Both these services carry a $40 charge. For multiple replacements, contact the RAD Canada office for the total cost.

If the replacement is being requested due to an error by the RAD then there will be no charge.

Medals and Bars

Replacements are available for lost or damaged medals and bars at a cost of $20 each. Please contact the  to request a replacement. You will need to give the candidate’s name, ID number or date of birth and the level of replacement required.

To request a replacement, send the original to the RAD Canada office, with a covering letter.