RAD Life Members


Starting from 1 September 2021, to gain Life Membership you must have held at least 42 years of full membership* and passed your RAD Advanced 1 Vocational Graded Examination, previously known as Intermediate Major Examination. Life membership will commence following the completion of your 42nd year of full membership. Life Membership encompasses three categories: Life RAD Member Plus, Life Teachers and Life Registered Teachers.


All Life Members receive a Life Member Certificate and continue to enjoy all the benefits of membership with no subscription payable. If members wish to remain an active teaching member there is a discounted fee for the eligibility to continue entering students into examinations.


All teachers registered with the RAD including Life Registered Teachers who are actively teaching or entering students into RAD examinations are required to complete the minimum CPD requirement of 20 hours. We do not and will not discriminate, positively or otherwise on the grounds of age. Life Registered Teachers who are no longer teaching or entering candidates for RAD exams, can request to become a Life Teacher and will not be required to complete any CPD. To change your membership please contact the Membership Team at membership@radcanada.org

Further Information

If you believe you should already have been awarded Life Membership, the responsibility lies with you to contact the Membership team so that they can confirm or deny your eligibility.

Where Life Membership could have been awarded earlier, the RAD will provide a refund of no more than 1 year’s membership subscription based on the current membership fee.

You will be subject to the current rules and regulations, regardless of when you were awarded Life Membership. Both terms and conditions, and rules and regulations may be amended over time.

*The class ‘full membership’ refers to RAD Member Plus (previously Full Member), RAD Teacher and RAD Registered Teacher. Please note that eligibility for Life membership is currently under review, please send any feedback to membership@radcanada.org