Fees and Funding

Knowing how much your programme of study is going to cost, and how you might pay, is a very important part of the application process.

Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) - Canadian Applicants

Fees Plus
2021 $13,130 for duration of the programme £120 registration fee on enrolment.

Typical Programme Costs

Recurring Costs for programme duration
Approximate Cost
Dancewear & equipment, as required $85 - $250
Travel to and from Mentor Placement School $10 - $25 per day

One-off costs for programme duration
Approximate Cost
10-day Intensive Study Period Accommodation (dependent on accommodation choice) $850 - $1,700
10-day Intensive Study Period Travel (dependent on location) $100 - $500
10-day Intensive Study Period Subsistence (dependent on accommodation choice) $170 - $340
Syllabus Books/CDs/DVDs $170 - $500