Fees and Refunds

Information on fees, refunds, withdrawals and cancellations for RAD exams.

COVID-19 Interrupted Services

COVID-19 has presented us all with a crisis unprecedented in recent history. To navigate through these uncertain and disruptive times, the RAD is adopting unique policies, specific to our shared predicament.

Our Policy Aims

  • recognize that situations are different across Canada and around the RAD world
  • respect that all of us – parents, teachers, studios, and the Academy – need to manage through challenging financial circumstances
  • plan approaches that will help the dance community, as a whole, recover quickly and intact
  • support each other in getting through this

Immediate Steps

Towards these ambitious goals, RAD Canada will:

  • adopt a 100% credit policy on all suspended services until we’re through the coronavirus disruption and a ‘new normal’ is well established
  • work with every teacher and studio to organize examination sessions that both provide closure on student work interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and help jump-start studio activity in the new academic year
  • significantly increase our flexibility to respond supportively to all situations, including a commitment to reassess any policy impediments to achieving mutually advantageous outcomes
    • for example: entry deadlines; late fees; change fees; minimum entry requirements; video assessments
  • open the Summer Session entry portal only once we know when exam services, in whatever form, can be resumed, province by province

We have mapped out a series of likely scenarios, to help RAD teachers and Studio Owners understand the application of our approach. We will also engage with them 1-on-1 to work through any unique circumstances they may be facing.

Exam Fees 2021/2022

There are two sets of fees – one for exams in an AEC (teacher’s own studio) and one for exams in an RAV (a venue provided by the RAD). Note: Due to COVID-19, RAV Exams are not available in Canada at this time.

For some vocational graded exams there are:

  • Full rates, or
  • Membership rates – visit Membership to find out more about becoming an RAD Member.

Refunds, Withdrawals and Cancellations

When applying for a refund, evidence should be submitted to the RAD Canada office no later than four weeks after the exam date. For further details, please contact exams@radcanada.org